Practice management tools

Have you taken the time to write your own client value proposition or considered the real value in financial advice? We have developed tools to assist you in these and other areas, including social networking, as well as help books with great tips for your practice.

Uncover the value in social networking

Type: pdf (342Kb)

Social networking is viewed as a valuable business tool and for many financial planners, a new way of engaging with clients. This guide will provide you with what you need to know to get you started.

10 tips to help your practice

Type: pdf (799Kb)

This guide is designed to provide you with some practical ideas that can have an immediate impact on your practice.

Uncover the value in your advice - Selling your fees resource

Type: pdf (587Kb)

Advisers provide a valuable service, however conversations with clients about fees is often daunting, this guide will help reinforce the message of the value you provide. It also includes the top five tips on selling your fees and a handy fee transition checklist.

Uncover the value in your advice - Value proposition resource

Type: pdf (484Kb)

To help you start thinking about what's valuable about your advice, we've listed some of the intangible key benefits of financial advice that came out of forums Zurich Investments has held with financial advisers and practice development managers. Use our template to develop your unique client value proposition resource.